Windows Defender Offline, What Is It?

| January 30, 2014 | 0 Comments

Learn about Windows Defender Offline and how it helps remove malicious and other potentially unwanted software.

What is Windows Defender Offline?

Why We Use Windows Defender Offline

Windows Defender Offline is one of the tools that BCCS Computer Systems uses to repair operating systems that have been compromised by malware.  This tool from Microsoft allows you to boot from a CD or USB flash drive to scan your system for infected files.  Booting from a CD or flash drive, instead of from the infected system disc, helps to keep the malware from hiding itself while it is active.

Side Effects Are Possible

Windows Defender Offline, can cause side effects.  This is due to changes that were made when the malware was installed.  After removing malware, the OS may not function as it did before the malware was removed, or even as it did before the malware was installed.  Rarely this results in the operating system not even being able to boot.  In any case, I feel this is a risk worth taking because the malware needed to be removed one way or the other.  I would rather re-install or repair an OS than live with malware on my computer.  In many cases the only way to be sure you’ve fully regained control of a compromised computer is to re-install the OS anyway.

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image of the BCCS Computer Systems LogoYou may ask, “Why BCCS Computer Systems would publish this valuable intel, aren’t you trying to make a profit offering your services and expertise?”  The answer is yes, we are trying to make money offering our services and expertise.  The reason we offer this intel to our customers and potential customers, is because of the mission of BCCS Computer Systems.  Our mission is to give you the best value for each dollar spent on Information Technology services.  For every service we offer, we want to offer you as many ways to save money using that service as possible.  We understand that you don’t have unlimited money to spend on technology, and we believe that by giving you a chance to perform basic services yourself,  we are giving your dollars a head start on reaching your technology goals and obtaining the most value from each dollar spent.

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