Unlocked perfect storm of Adobe Acrobat security, Verizon MiFi, Cisco VPN and slow opening pdf file issues

| January 25, 2013 | 0 Comments

I spent a good bit of today trying to figure out how a Verizon MiFi device alone or paired with a VPN connection could cause locally stored PDFs to take 25-30 secs each to open.  The Verizon device had great bandwidth (20Mbps) but apparently suffered from terrible latency.  The largest culprit was Adobe Acrobat/Reader security which alone did not cause an issue; though paired with a high latency Verizon MiFi device working with these PDF files became a nightmare.  After the VPN connection crushed the bandwidth from 20 Mbps to .5 Mbps all hope seemed lost.  I wasn’t totally surprised that files on remote servers were affected considering the VPN connection.  The most perplexing issue was that it affected locally stored files that normally opened with no issue.  The only solution was turning off Adobe Acrobat file security temporarily.  That enabled all files to open at their fastest, despite any location or connection issues.

Apparenlty others have had similar issues
Adobe Community: Acrobat X Pro: Really slow opening files.

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