From the OneNote Blog – Windows 8.1 and the Win+S Shortcut Key

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OneNote users take note.  After installing the Windows 8.1 update, your Win+S shortcut key for taking screenshots will no longer function as it did before.  Windows 8.1 now uses this shortcut key to quickly open the search dialog and essentially trumps OneNote in the use of this key combination.

Never fear, there is a workaround available.  It is pretty straight forward although it does involve editing the registry.  Call BCCS Computer Systems if we can assist you in keeping this handy shortcut at your fingertips

OneNote Blog – Windows 8.1 Preview and a workaround for your favorite Win+S shortcut key.


UPDATE – 1-1-2015

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UPDATE:  On Oct 17, 2013 Microsoft released Windows 8.1.  With Windows 8.1 the Windows + S shortcut now launches Bing Smart Search. To take screen clipping with OneNote on Windows 8.1 use Windows + Shift + S shortcut.

cropped photo of a Dell keyboard featuring the windows, shift, and s keys highlighted in green

Windows + Shift + S

The new Windows + Shift + S shortcut is an essential OneNote shortcut for my workflow as it allows me to capture temporary elements on the screen like drop-down-menus that disappear when using other some of the screen capture shortcuts and methods.  Although I’m still not sure if this was a Win 8.1 update or an Office 2013 update or exactly when the shortcut was implemented, I can confirm that despite the mention of the Oct 17, 2013 release date for Win8.1, it was not updated or reflected in the fore mentioned blog post until after November 14, 2013, the original publish date of this article.  Regardless, I am glad that I don’t have to edit the registry on each computer I use in order to gain this functionality!

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